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MES Systems

Detailed planning of production: tool data makes the difference!

Comprehensive, detailed planning of all production resources only works with verified tool data. Your MES system manages data of all production resources – except for data of the production equipment, which can ultimately make the difference. The TDM/MES system interface enables accurate planning and preparation of the production orders. Knowing which tools are available, which tools actually have to be prepared and when it makes sense to start setting up an order – connecting your MES system to TDM is the only way to achieve this.

Tool management interface - Manufacturer independence for TDM solutions - Logo FORCAM.
Tool management interface - Manufacturer independence for TDM solutions - Logo GROB.


  • Planning all production equipment, including gauges and fixtures, simultaneously to the MES planning
  • Providing NC documents, such as NC programs and CAD data
  • Calculation of the tool requirements based on difference lists (comparison with the tool requirements of the orders)
  • Support of the order scheduling by checking the tool availability

  • Optimization of the setup process by transmitting the tool loading/unloading lists to the MES
  • Tool data enables you to implement a complete continuous improvement program (CIP)
  • TDM tool offset data can be transmitted with high process reliability to the machine control system
  • Machine and tool data are re-transferred to the TDM system via the MES and thus provide reproducible cutting data for CAM planning 


Cost savings
Tools, fixtures and gauges are available just when they are needed at the machine for setup – no tool-related machine downtimes.

Optimization of processes
Detailed planning and tool provisioning with offset transfer go hand in hand

Central database
Feedback of machine data enables TDM tool life consideration, extend the cutting data of the tool assemblies and ensure continuously improved NC planning.


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