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TDM Basismodul Global Line

Intelligent tool management to optimize your production processes

Performance from the very beginning: Guaranteed by the TDM Base Module Global Line. This high-performance software solution is precisely tailored to the requirements of production companies. It represents the entry level of TDM for companies of all sizes that are looking to invest in professional tool data management. Whether small machining companies or international corporations with multiple production sites: All of them can benefit from the ease-of-use and transparent data organization. The result? Process optimization for the entire production.

Tool data for all production requirements

A central database sits at the heart of the TDM Base Module Global Line. It keeps the real tool data available as a digital twin for all departments involved in the production process. Numerous interfaces secure data exchange at both planning and production level. Tool data requirements vary from department to department. The TDM Base Module depicts these in its data structure and manages tool items, tool assemblies, and tool lists at various levels. Each data level offers users comprehensive options for defining and storing information, data, photos, etc.


Optimizing production processes: Assembling tools with just a few mouse clicks

Feedback from users is also incorporated in the continuous further development of the software. The focus here is always on logical functions and their ease of implementation. This helps us achieve the objective of enabling users to assemble tools with just a few mouse clicks. This also applies equally to defined tools and tool assemblies.

Optimizing production processes with TDM Global Line Apps.
Optimizing production processes with Global Search from TDM Global Line.
Advantages of digitization with the TDM Global Line Dashboard.
Optimizing production processes with TDM Global Line Dashboard.

TDM Base Module optimizes processes

Our TDM Base Module is a must for all manufacturing companies looking to improve their tool management and go digital. The following offers an overview of the functions:

  • Users can call up and use the centrally stored tool data from any location worldwide
  • The highly compressed data transfer helps secure high-performance tool data management around the world
  • Fast retrieval: The new TDMsearch tool search function scours the entire TDM application for the individually entered search terms
  • Users can integrate tool data catalogs of well-known manufacturers in TDM or access the TDM WebCatalog online
  • The TDM WebCatalog minimizes the time-consuming process of entering data manually
  • TDM Widgets allow software masks, such as those for master data or feeds & speeds, to be flexibly arranged on the screen using the mouse
  • The new data validation simplifies data input and highlights both missing entries and mandatory fields that have been forgotten
  • Users can generate the required tool quickly and intuitively using the graphic 3D tool assembly
  • Workpiece setting sheets and setup plans can be created and printed with one mouse click

The TDM Base Module Global Line in use

Companies looking to compete with the big players in the age of Industry 4.0 and digital twins have no other choice than to optimize and digitize their production. The benefits of tool management with the TDM Base Module Global Line are clear:

Optimized processes
TDM helps you reduce your tooling costs. Centrally defined tool standards lead to more standardized production procedures. They help you reduce throughput times and ensure that your machines have fewer downtimes.

Intuitive handling
Working with TDM is not only efficient, but also fun. Thanks to its strong performance and intuitive use, the solution will enjoy a high degree of acceptance among your employees.


Central database
All users at all of your locations can access the centrally defined tool data and production standards at a click of the mouse. This represents a massive gain in transparency for all production operations.

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