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Full flexibility on the shopfloor

The new shopfloor management system with TDM 2017 Global Line promises maximum flexibility. Thanks to a strictly modular design, the software is easy to configure for individual customer needs.

The module records the entirety of the tool circulation, from requirements planning for tool assembly, presetting and tool use at the machine, through to disassembling. These elements can now be combined based on specific customer requirements.

In addition, the Shopfloor Manager in TDM is fully integrated into the inventory management system of the TDM Tool Crib Module Global Line. This means that, in future, even tool assemblies in secondary cribs and near machines can be managed. This means that it is always known where the tool assemblies are and what condition they are in. Disassembling, reassembling and presetting are no longer necessary, saving significant time and costs.

The operator's work is also made simpler. The fundamental principle is the to-do list. This is carried out via an interface with a modern design which the user can mostly put together themselves.

This new flexibility should cover at least 80 percent of customer demands. Secondary cribs, central tool storage for multiple machines or machines for which the tool offset can already be transferred digitally and machines for which it cannot, can all be mapped by one and the same software structure. The majority of users require hardly any individual adaptations on this basis. What's more, TDM Global Line is available everywhere in production via a web browser any time it is needed.


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