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Partnerships throughout the world

Geographically, South America and Asia are thousands of kilometers apart. The demands of TDM partners from Brazil and Malaysia, however, are very similar. For both, the future of Tool Data Management is in the cloud. In further responses to our partner survey, you will learn what else is important to the Brazilian Pablo Castro from Adeptmec in Brazil and Tony Liew from
SDMK in Malaysia.

How long has your company been around?

Pablo Castro: Adeptmec is a new company founded by the Brazilian Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC). In 1993, we developed from a research lab of the faculty for mechanical engineering. Our product range is tailored to the metalworking industry.

Tony Liew: SDMK (System, Design and Manufacturing Kernel) was founded in 2011. Thus, we are still a very young company. We concentrate on customer-specific and lasting solutions for companies in all areas of mechanical engineering and production.


How did you get involved in tool management?

Castro: At UFSC, we worked with numeric control systems and industrial automation technology as part of a work group. One day, our professor had the idea to develop a software for tool management. The design initially developed as part of this work group; we then carried out the programming in the newly established company, Adeptmec.

Liew: Walter Malaysia was the first to introduce us to the topic. Then, we became a pilot customer of TDM Systems.

What is your specialty, your special expertise?

Castro: We distinguish ourselves based on our academic, theoretical background in the Tool Management area. Furthermore, this also includes our many years of experience in implementation and a deep technical understanding of TDM solutions. This allows us to generate the best possible product line for our customers.

Liew: As the TDM Service Center in Asia, we focus on Presales Consulting & Sales, carry out workshops and take care of the implementation and operation of TDM solutions.


What do you appreciate the most about TDM?

Castro: Choosing one point is difficult. But, in particular, I want to highlight the knowledge that has flowed into the solutions throughout the years, from the first version in the 1990s to the most current version. Along with this, I also value the flexibility to achieve the right solution for companies of any size and for the various requirements, e.g. for the aviation sector, automotive or the energy sector.
The modular design and the large number of interfaces for other systems, such as CAM, are also impressive. Last but not least, special features such as automatic tool assembly and the TDM Data and Graphic Generator also have great influence.

Liew: TDM Systems provides its users with excellent support and assistance. In addition, TDM solutions also have a high degree of functionality that enables seamless integration and interfaces for CAM, simulation, memory and ERP systems.


What is the greatest challenge in your local market?

Castro: We are working on opening the eyes of market participants and showing them that every day that they put off introducing TDM for suitable Tool Lifecycle Management is a day wasted. Because this costs time and money, ultimately resulting in lost competitiveness.

Liew: The customers need to be made more aware of the importance and advantages of digital tool data. It is not always easy to make the basic investments.


Can you share two things you would like to see from TDM in the future?

Castro: TDM should be able to be used on mobile devices and be cloud-capable. And it would be interesting to collect an increasing amount of machine data to combine it with the data managed and saved in TDM.
Liew: I want a cloud solution including an app for all digital end devices. A use-dependent/subscription-based billing model would also be beneficial.

What is your personal favorite TDM-related topic?


Castro: I really like demonstrating for our customers how they can achieve significant savings and increases in efficiency in their production processes with TDM.

Liew: I particularly value the interfaces for CAM, simulation and ERP systems.


What should a tool data manager know when he or she comes to your country?

Castro: In this area, there are a number of possibilities for companies to improve results and competitiveness. And, of course, tool data managers can count on the support and solutions from Adeptmec and TDM Systems to achieve their goals.

Liew: He or she should definitely contact us and visit our TechCenter.


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