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TDM next generation wins award for innovation

Since 2004, “Initiative Mittelstand” (a consulting group for small and medium sized businesses) has been selecting and awarding the best and most innovative IT products and solutions that make SMEs fit for a successful digital future. In 2017 TDM Systems won over an independent panel of expert judges and ranks as “Best of 2017” in the category of “Industry Software” with the solution “TDM next generation”.

TDM Systems offers solutions for companies in the metal cutting industry that are used to optimize the tool flow and, as a result, the entire production process. The Tool Lifecycle Management (TLM) approach is thus becoming the pivot point and keystone in the production sector, towards successfully meeting the requirements of Industrie 4.0. With their award-winning solution "TDM next generation", TDM Systems has modernized their existing software for the Tool Lifecycle Management to help facilitate the entry of small and medium sized enterprises into digital TDM Tool Management or to help simplify the continuation of Industrie 4.0 efforts.

This further development enables innovative, globally-applicable and extremely high-performance TDM Tool Management, which can additionally be scaled to the requirements and size of the company. Thus, the TDM software builds the link between the virtual world of planning and the real world of production, and helps users to achieve a smooth production process.

Former Management TDM Systems, Peter Schneck.

TDM next generation fulfills all of the criteria that are crucial in selecting the winner of the “Innovationspreis-IT”: innovative content, use and mid-sized sector suitability.

Peter Schneck

Former Managing Director of TDM Systems


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