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Simple, fast and direct application support

Remote Support

Get help with any issue with virtual hands-on assistance from our support team. The remote support option allows direct access to your screen without directly accessing the network.

With your consent (which you grant online), we'll be able to view your screen and answer any questions directly within the system. The remote session ends with a single click. This enables challenges to be solved without delay: fast and simple.

To enable remote support, you'll need a support key. The service team can provide this information to you on the phone.

In just one click, you will be connected to the service team.

Support Key (GoToAssist)

TDM Software Update/Upgrade

Get the latest TDM software, hotfixes and the current data installer in the TDM Customer Portal from our service desk.

To access the customer portal, a TDM Software Maintenance Contract needs to be in place.

Go to TDM Customer Portal - Support


If you do not have a login yet, you can also register for access there.