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Interview with Robert Auer

Director Global Business Development

Mr. Auer, how did you come to be at TDM Systems?

I spent a while working in process automation and tool management and using Tool Lifecycle Management, so TDM was always "on my radar". When TDM advertised the vacancy for a Sales Manager Asia/Pacific, it all came down to the right timing, really. That was exactly the kind of job I was looking for. I was simply in the right place at the right time – fate or luck, call it what you will. And when the opportunity presented itself to change to a different position within the company after around two years, it was once again the right time. I was ready to take the next step in my professional and personal development.


What makes TDM Systems the right employer for you?

I was looking for jobs in companies with an international outlook that were offering a top-quality product. As I said, I had always been aware of how TDM was developing, so I knew that its business concept was very internationally oriented with a forward-looking product. Add to that exciting new developments such as TDM Global Line, and of course an excellent working climate. My first impression has been confirmed over the years: A first-class product and a first-class team. TDM's growth course also offers ideal development opportunities – for both myself and the whole team.


What are the typical tasks of a Director Global Business Development at TDM Systems?

As you can tell from the job title, I'm responsible for setting up new markets and developing existing ones all over the world. At the moment, I'm focusing on the USA, where I'm currently dealing with many issues ranging from strategic considerations as to how we can strengthen our position in North America, and sales and personnel planning, through to visiting existing and potential customers.

What do you particularly like about your work at TDM Systems?

I particularly enjoy working all over the world. It gives me great pleasure to be in contact with a whole range of people from numerous different cultures, regardless of whether they are customers or colleagues. But I can't go without mentioning the strength of our product and the chance to be involved in the future of digital manufacturing and the associated growth of TDM. And perhaps most important for me is the team at TDM, the people who make the company what it is. In short, it's the variety that makes my job worthwhile – and there's a lot of variety at TDM.


Why did you decide to work in Business Development?

I'm an engineer at heart – I trained as a programmer. That gives me a technical understanding, and helps me to implement solutions and gage the situation at a customer's site. Even earlier in my career, my focus was on marketing and sales. I like being creative, enjoy traveling and am good at working with customers and partners to develop and implement solutions. The balance of technology, creativity, business and people at TDM is perfect for me.

My new position means that I'm now no longer just a colleague, but a manager too. I'm particularly looking forward to working with each member of staff to develop their individual strengths. This benefits every single employee and the team as a whole.


Any final thoughts?

A good idea for a new project would be to set up a TDM band to provide the musical backdrop to our legendary Christmas parties :-). First of all, I'll have to find some musical colleagues and get them on board. I haven't decided on a genre yet. But I'm inclined toward folk rock/classic/hip-hop/dance/wave/rock/grunge/country – so there's something for everyone.

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